With these sticks Yes!

* Using the right tools *

Today I begin a new stage in the life blogueril and I would love you to be part of it!

Whenever I have a problem with any technique or material I appeal to Mr. Google, who solves many of these problems.  Google offers us various places and answers to our concerns.

If our question is about some tool, e.g. "sticks/needles" safe will take us to:

* Ebay

* Etsy

* Shops where they sell needles

* Blogs of those who use these needles (if we are lucky) – and will be in English!

My job here is to help them with some of these concerns.  Today we'll talk about needles work socks like these!

knitted socks

First stop in clear that yew rather not I am a professional and I don't have much experience, but more I make many mistakes and is that one of the reasons why I decided to help them not to make the mistakes that I commit like for example one very serious "trouble" and use any material and tool to then start the work that we have eyebrows serious ERROR!

To work socks, we need proper (not just acrylic!) wool and part of the important thing to be able to work well and without spending bad times need a good pair of chopsticks; in my case, I wanted to learn the technique of making 2 socks at once using circular sticks… It is more easy to belief.

I had wanted so much to make socks and almost make the mistake of using these sticks.


ordinary needles


And because they were not or are not adequate (and not just for socks, but for other fabrics) look at the bond between plastic and metal; where he notices is uneven and there is where the wool (points) they get stuck, on the other hand plastic is hard and does not move easily.

I had to wait and the wait was fome!

This is a defect that I hope you don't have… impatience!

But succeed!

and the wait had his reward!

This pair of socks "my first job!"



Sticks buy them through Etsy.  Is happy with them buy from 2.00 mm to 3.5 mm. For socks they wear thin but I thought if they liked me better bought several and thus saving on shipping in the near future.  The first to buy are all "fixed" or circular fixed, are the interchangeable, not to make them so for the more skinny.  I inclined to buy the Knit Pro "Karbonz" based on "research" I did… Asking to Weavers of socks and shawls also look for information in blogs (in English).

The good thing about these sticks is its resistance as well as how they feel in using them; someone out there described them as "mixture perfect between palilos of wood and metal" have the warmth of wood and the firmness of the metal, the Tin is something that I conquered!

to make socks (two at a time) use the circular needles and larguitas (these I use are 100 cm) because they need the space for the extension.

circular needles in socks


In my case not only usare these needles to make socks and shawls, but for all kinds of work. Do not expect to use their needles for circular work, use circular needles for all kinds of work, keep in mind that the difference to the individual is that they are United!


* needle is not lost
* We took advantage of excellent quality needles

* We save space! We don't have individual and circular when circulars do the job of both!


* There are people who become entangled with the connection… It is thing of getting used to.

Do not believe that they can only do socks if they use these needles, is in my opinion that they are spectacular for a work of great endings and not to pass bad times while we rejoice with our fabric.

I recommend you to compare sticks interchangeable in Loveknitting where I found a spectacular set!

I'd like to know that you think of this entry, you like the new style of the blog?

Thank you!


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