Who are the knitter queens out there?

We are!!!!

All chileans out there would probably remember this phrase from the 90’s “Who are the queens of the night? – We are!”

But in our case we are The knitting or crocheting queens?

One of our biggest poblems is to make time when responsibilities that we carry on our shoulders are and will be priority in our lives and in the future to come.

To make time we have to try very hard and knowing that the time that we “take” to knit, crochet, embroider, paint and draw is NOT wasted time , on the contrary is gained time.  Our families will get quality time from our part , because every minute spent on our hobby is health, happiness and a complete state of contentment, this stolen time has left an invisible remedy to our soul.

I’m a believer that we all have time  but it takes a lot of courage to take it or to make it, each person has the same a bout of hours in the day, 24.  The most incredible stories of successful women come from those who have made of their lives an amazing journey and we all can do it!  These women had babies, spouses, or were single parents, they work and they also volunteer and at the same time they have work on enterprises, they have created works of art, they have changed the way we see our own realities.

Thanks to all of you, thank to the inspiration I get when easing your comments, observing how much you all love knitting and crocheting! Seeing your amazing artwork!

This is  movement that we are all part of with our lives, experiences and creativity which is just like a tender flame inside our hearts.

And because of all what I have just said you are “knitter Queens” 

What do you think?


All you have to do is click on the link HERE  (or on the picture) and print, cut out, decorate and look pretty!

Take a picture (AKA selfie) under #knitterqueenbychileanhands (knitter queen by Chilean Hands)

Please share this so it her fellow knitters/crocheters can also make use of it.

Your knitter friend ,

Su amiga, tejedora


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