When just the wool…

Ended me the wool!

No Weaver likes meet midway through a project without wool to finish it or worse yet to only a few stitches at the end and before the original tone!

Who understands this phrase chaotic if is as stay is with the food without power are Cook because is just the gas!

or without toilet paper at a time of… Good you know!

But there is something beyond the feeling of running out of material, how terrible it is to stay "without wool", without desire, without ideas, without new projects… When production is completed, there is no texture or color that reinvent passion for follow "weaving"

Because we weave with purpose, does not specify, the purpose is within each of us the problem is that when the purpose is hidden or worse still disappears, our dreams are in the wind.

Tooradin - crochet
This photo was taken the 12 of April of 2012 and who it took is the love of my life-my sunny boy! who was and is who keeps giving me material for living, for weaving

It is not my intention to be pessimistic nor discourage them, but have you thought those people that ended them wool?

to me, I finished exactly 195 days ago, there is no purpose or desire to, creative candle was turned off suddenly.  I cannot say that that will never happen them because I thought it was possible, but the my James day I go to the hospital and I always with my fabric, could not retake it; in fact the day Saturday 19 of December he me said "why aren't you knitting?"-because not these weaving? If the AR er did not realize it was crochet and or needles, and told him "I can't…" "I'm worried" the wool was running out because I said "I can not… "I'm worried" and while always say that it best is weaving, sometimes not is can because the wool is by end is and then PUFFF! It goes!

Read how I have always live to my Sunny Boy 

Although these months have been the most difficult and strong in my life also I have to admit that once my wool is over, then I found it and probably most likely my own James stretched forth his hand to me and in it the material I needed to follow 'hatch' dreams and somehow do so feeling proud that his hunnybunch will make possible to continue weaving the road of life.

Ended me the wool!

But now I have and I think that always my Angel will be helping me to wind meters and more meters of it.

If you see that a friend has no more yarn, you guide it, support it and show quietly the way to re encounter with creativity since it is without a doubt fiber therapy.

A warm hug, with all my heart


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