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Todo por Carina!!!… Your Blog Rocks!!!

Mi amiga Carina me ha pasado la bola y no la peudo decepcionar ..otra vez… asi que asumire este responsabilidad ya que realmente es un lujoser nombrada por ella la reina del crochet Argentino!!!! OHH MYYY GGGOOD!! Carina Vos sos Unica!!(ojo lo dije en argentino!!)

y por que no!! My Blog Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

la idea es nombrar 15 blogs y no dejar de linkear a quien te lo ha dejado!! (yo la linkee twice!!)jaja ja !!

Nombrare y AVISARE a los sigueinets blogs…






De Origen Chile

Blog a Crochet




And this is for Lisa and her beautiful blog!! it is just sooo interesting girls I wiosh you can all go and have a look isnpirational and lots of fun!!! and best of all as you know For free!! go and visit her ok??? Oj Lisa You and the rest of the girls have been awarded a nice prize called “Your blog Rocks!” (no transl;ation needed it) and all you have to do is to name the blog that gave you the prize (me he he he ) and also nominate 15 blogs you find they deserve the prize, as well as letting them know about their prize and link tjem as well..can you do that??? I know you can!!

Gracias a todos!!! por leerme !!

thabsk everyone for reading me!

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