Stitch Block Cowl; January challenge @Thingstoknit

It was entertaining

It was difficult but easy ~!

I'm not a Weaver of experience but I am a believer that this is something we can definitely change with tired practice and challenging our skills…


The first block, rough with recognize the 6 laps and ready, was a good introduction to what are we came

cowl The second block to call in my head Beehive and I must admit that although I had to Undo my first 10 cm error {no case shed only a little working with 2 colors – strands at the same time} but then that I learned the pattern of 6 runs and it spread quite quickly and ate sick wool – buy at the end more but not had to deal with…


The third and final was much more fast knitting – since not had to weave below each run only every one by means


Delight to see how the colors that selection for this project are intertwined… Although I must admit I made a couple of mistakes and this hozo I delay my end (cut color 2 before leaving and arriving at my destination and predispose me to weave a lei pattern saying had to use 3 colors wing again! I thought I would use the A and the third C primary, but not creeps B color from block 2 also) , and the other was two errors of stitch in a run that try to solve worse couldn't and had to undo (again) – there was another little which to repair without back…





My cowl is already finished and only had to finalize the joints of wool, which I sewed for trust me of knots, will not unleash this material is quite silky and knots were opened easily.


Thank you Things to Knit for organizing this fun challenge for the month of January!

We will see that we have prepared February… .ojala can also participate in the next

Good Friday friends weavers


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