Easter Bunny Basket

From now you can buy the complete pattern on my Ravelry site < click there!

This pattern in English and one in Spanish

The videos are available for those who buy the pattern.

Long ago I had really wanted to make my tutorials videos, edit them and make them available to you; but there were things to be resolved… My James gave me a camcorder JVC super good! and clear that was the idea to use, but the tripod was not appropriate, legs were of the trying to record and that was very annoying, the other was that my computer was very slow and edit 5 or 10 minutes turned in 4 or 5 hours of work, because he was paralyzed and could do absolutely nothing in long time!

Then I made videos on my iPad because you buy a bra, but ultimately not turned out very well and as the quality of the recording is not as good the moment already publish the quality gets worse a lot!

What left me without and with option! and was to adjust the tripod of my james my yt use after seeing videos of people who what to, I decided to fix mine, but since it is old I had to devise them until you achieve it! After days of work and many trips to the hardware store.  The part that was now playing was entertaining, record and publish =; but the other problem was the computer, so I decided to use the computer of my James, a regio MAC what I mean learning how to use the camera with iMovie since these computers do not work with the program d eme camera, but thank God it turned out perfectly!

and that has to do this story with bunny and Easter?

Well, great!

A few weeks ago to after a nice Spanish, working in a Community Centre I wonder if I could make a basket to crochet so I thing taught in some classes and that motivated me to make them! and take them to the Centre and wait anxiously to see if this time it was (that’s another story) mid-week last week calls me to tell me that Community Center fire! so there is eager to earn a little money and ensebar crochet šŸ™

But the good thing is that since I wrote the pattern and I think it put on sale that would help my financial situation, but how you benefit? Because before you post the pattern I’m posting videos explaining how to make this basket for Easter eggs

You must hurry, because just publish it on sale videos will be deleted for using public, available only to those who buy the pattern.

To start the video on how to make the base do Click ACA this video did it using my iPad, then you will notice the difference with the following videos!

then the video on how to make the body of the basket in another video that I shared on my page Facebook Click Aca

The following video is to explain how to make this basket handle, and I did it using the method of Romanian lace which I explain step by step in my video, if another video recorded with my excellent camera! Click here

Also teach them to decorate them and to make boy or girl rabbit!

Has been super entertaining edit and make the video using this computer and my new camera, so say the pride that I mean to use my own tripod!

And the link to the ears! ACA!

How is it going?

follow my Facebook page to see the rest of the videos just published

I hope that they are already organizing the materials for this super fun Easter project!

Materials used:

100 grams of wool acrylic white (main colo)

secondary color – 50 grams

crochet of 6.5 mm and 4mm

needle for wool

machine to make PomPoms or cardboard cut into donut shape

some black thread

Not be forget they can still vote by my and earn a chance to win a crochet made by me, click here

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