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I like to give utility to materials that we have with us and without much functionality; Although all weave and we love weaving we must recognize that we always have wool/stamens without use, either because they are remnants of a project and it is not enough for another, or because we buy much of a color or then already didn't want that particular wool… There is also the possibility that we have received of gift (as it is my case) friends have given me wool the truth I did not know so use.


One day God illuminated me and thought to make blankets and donating them to my favorite charity, which is close in my heart Cystic Fibrosis Victoria; Since it is the disease that had my love life.  CFV people have been very good with me during the most difficult disease of my james, for example before power went to the list of transplantation and in particular after the death of my sweetie.  This is to contact them and then they gave me a call where I was told that it would be fabulous to make blankets for them!

The beautiful thing is that they visited the floor of the hospital where are patients of cystic fibrosis (where my James was treated and where same died) and given a gift, such as coloring books, water bottles, pencils etc so the blankets would be a part of this gift!

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This is one of those projects that has just ✔️it is quick, addictive in two ways as you want to always get another set of pattern done and see what happens when you change colour PLUS I'm making them for my favourite charity! I have over 5 kilos of yarn thanks to lovely friends who have me their left overs which are well appreciated! I'm making them for #cysticfibrosis Victoria in the memory of my beloved husband who passed away 229 days ago. The idea is to keep the red going throughout the blanket 🙂 I'm excited about this and I can't wait for them to be given to some cfs when they are in hospital. It will all be possible when the dear people of Cystic Fibrosis Victoria take them and give them in their care packages. #cysticfibrosisawareness #cf #cfsucks #fucf #melbournecraft #charity #lapblanket #red #65roses #ripsunnyboy #injameskennedymemory #crochet #stashbuster #stashbusterblanket #lapblanket

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Blanket to crochet to get rid of storage of wool – blanket for charity 


1.2 kg of wool

crochet 12 mm – you will find here!

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First charity /stash buster blanket to my beloved Cystic Fibrosis Victoria ❤️ I can't wait to have a whole lot finished and so they can be taken to hospital probably the Alfred or Royal children Hospital and make some cf sufferer happy or at least warm!!! I invite you to find a charity close to your ❤️ and use your left overs into something nice. The best part of working this technique is that using 3 strands of yarn with a 12 mm hook ;you use the whole lot of left overs as you finish with one strand you add another one!! Perfect!! #charity #stash #stashblanket #cysticfibrosis #red #pink #65roses #cfsucks #fucf #blanket #crochet #hooking #melbourne #melbourneartist #art #love #inmemoryofjameskennedy #basketweavestitch #easy #charitylove

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To make this easy and beautiful blanket, we will use the point basket which I explain below.

This blanket is of medium size, called blanket skirt and is perfect to have her on the couch and sit there watching TV!

Do 88 chains (we will work in groups of 4, therefore we need multiple of 4)

Here the point BASKET explanatory video 

1 make 3 chains (mas) that are made instead of the first high point, insert the crochet in the 5th point from crochet (working the the lump back of the stitch braid), and make the first high point there, make 86 high points more

2 make 2 chains, make 3 high points in relief, taken from behind, * make 4 high points in relief taken ahead, make 4 high points in relief taken back *, repeat pattern until the end, the last point works only as a high point.

3 make 2 chains and work the stitches as you can see, working the last point as high point.

Repeat round 2 and 3 once more

When the four turns are made, reverse stitches.  In other words, do high points in reliefs taken ahead when the stitch that you see is taken back and vice versa.

Go changing every 4 turns and so it gets the effect of basket.

Weave blanket in this way until you have 14 sets of 4 laps or laps in total 56.  I think that it is easier to have sets of 4 (which forms the basket)

stash buster for cystic fibrosis victoria

Now I explain the part more interesting!

How to work the colorful?

You Let's we begin with 3 strands of 3 different balls or remains, by generate what I tend to do a clear, one dark and one half-tone, but that will depend on the wool we have available and remember! the idea is to get rid of wool do not buy more! ja ja ja!

stash buster for cystic fibrosis victoria

As each ball or rest will have different amount of material you will be running at different times and this is what makes the technique so entertaining and exciting.  So whenever a ball is finished you replace it by another etc.

stash buster for cystic fibrosis victoria

To join the wool, I use a technique that is 100% effective and us and disarm that pull it, to see this technique and see how the blanket is started go to this link from facebook, where a video that starts to the reverse! jajajajaja! I explain all the details 🙂

This project got me super passionate and I heart also hope you is fashioned with the and make beautiful and warm blankets!

stash buster for cystic fibrosis victoria


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