Photo Tutorial “how to make handles for bags to crochet”

Without proposing me so I decided to put together a small tutorial photo of the handle of the bag that I made during the past few weeks.

This bag I did it as part of the challenge of the Group on Facebook "fugitive blogger' where the idea was to use material residues to create bags or blankets to our taste."  I saw this bag on Pinterest and I tempted by the simple and at the same time unusual.

and you can see it in my Etsy where I have it on sale!

Triangular crochet bag 014

The handle I was very intrigued that pictured Pinterest (or any Web site) I found pictures of it, so to use "creative neuron"

Materials handle:

-Threads or yarn (50 g approx.)


-Adhesive tape

-needle and thread

1 make a chain the size you want to make the handle in my case 140 chains to 65 centimeters.

2 – using the chain of base and the cord between medium work means points and thus cover the cord.  By inserting the crochet /ganchillo under the V of the chain.

Photo tutorial handle bag 001


Photo tutorial handle bag 002


3. When you arrive at the end of the cord and chain stitch make 3 chains and work on the other side (the base chain)

Photo tutorial handle bag 006


4. work lows by inserting crochet on the V and thus cord goes is filled completely.

Photo tutorial handle bag 008



Photo tutorial handle bag 0095 work lows along the handle and while twisting don't worry because it is stretched at the end

Photo tutorial handle bag 010


Photo tutorial handle bag 014

7 do 3 chains for the curve on the other side and do a complete run of lows, taking thread from above and thus achieve an X by low (this is optional)

Photo tutorial handle bag 017



8 work curves in the following way (the 3 chains) 2 low points together (at one point), low 1 and 2 together low spots in the third string.

Photo tutorial handle bag 020


9 change to another color and work one full turn with the.

Photo tutorial handle handbag 023


10 work lows ' X' in second color. "

Photo tutorial handle bag 025


11 work curves like this: 2 lows together, 3 low spots, 2 lows together.

Photo tutorial handle bag 026


12. change to main colour and work like this last lap of asa, work the curves so: 2 lows together, 2 lows, 2 lows together, 2 lows, 2 lows together.

Photo tutorial handle handbag 027


13. loop finished!

Photo tutorial handle bag 029


13 cut the cord, leaving only 2 cm on each side and sealing tips with adhesive tape.

Photo tutorial handle bag 030


14 sewing tips to handle.

Photo tutorial handle handbag 031


I hope that you liked this way of making nice, heavy duty handles, and that they do not stretch over time.

Thanks for reading!


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