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Holiday Time!! Craft time!!…NOT!

I was so ready to work on my craft area, but it never works like that,there is always so many other boring but importnat things to do around the house. This time I worked on making my area nice and inspirational. It is hard as my husband and I share this (tiny) room. he has his desk there, so I can’t take over the whole room.
I had and I said HAD because it is so! a pile of tiny things to do before creating ( shortening leggins (DONE!!), pants (still not done) , re do the strap of a crochet top (not done yet) and fixing a doll (DONE!!) that I don’t know how it got this wrecked…
This is a paper towel cover – doll and some months ago I noticed those spots on her face and also she was a bit undone around her head.
This is her Before makeover…

Poor thing and even looked happy !

After taking the head off, redoing the whole thing, including hair and painting her face this is the result!

I am very happy with this outcome, her face looks very playful, cute and a bit cheeky!

I love the long hair and the ribbon on the side

I was so proud of this lovely face taht it is now my official facebook profile picure!

Note: I made a mistake when putting everything together…but I am not telling, can you tell what is it?

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