How to make a portable organizer of wool

My favorite knitting is in the Chair like to have wool I use available, usually for my projects use more than one color of acrylic so long I've used baskets and had them organized so

Although is see super cute, the truth is that cost keep them so of ordered.

For a good time look online to see if there was something to accommodate my situation and be able to have my wool to hand and ordered.  On one of my visits to Pinterest I found something clikco with me!

For this project we will need:

  • (Main) PVC pipe I use one of 15 cm diameter and 2.80 m long (you can also use whatever they want and observe the work contain wool inside!) – cut a 10 cm long – I got 28 tubes.

  • a 13.5 x 90 cm, wood is the one that I use (you can use another that fits your needs)

  • wheels and screws
  • cement for PVC-this is a glue special for this type of material and is fantastic! You find it in the shops of building materials.


First you must ensure you of that each tube this clean and with the banks sanded, my PVC is very thick and strong therefore a friend of my father-in-law them short by my, or if not it had made with the saw; then them wash in to one to leave them ready to be glued.

Using a screwdriver, screws and wheel located at the ends of the table by screwing her.

Then start the fun! Using cement for PVC paste tubes to the wood and Yes; Let them dry by some minutes, my cement is super good and in three minutes already were completely attached! Use clothespins to hang clothes or metal to ensure them as they dry, but it is not completely necessary.  Ensure you of that are firm before add the following run-on of tubes to your "wall" for wool.

I take 30 minutes do it, what most took was to have all the materials to do so.

so use your artistic ingenuity and gun your organizer of wool!

I love this project, works perfect with my cakes of wool and is very functional in addition giving a touch of color to my corner!

have a nice weekend!

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