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Hello dear friends!

Today I could finally put in my shop a new listing that born to read comments from you, my dear followers!

When ask which was the biggest problem facing as weavers?

response time!

hora de tejer

The truth is that I can not give away or sell time if, we make the time, but I understand that it cost to do so, since we have so many responsibilities as mothers and women.  Foundation of society we are, each of us is part important of this world.

hora de tejer kit 006

Here are the gloves pattern ­čÖé KIT "Hour of weaving" buy here, if you purchase you will receive a PDF file with the pattern.

hora de tejer kit 011

There are two possibilities to purchase the KIT with or without the set of crochet.

hora de tejer kit 010

Fingerless gloves

"Granny squares"

Granny gloves 002

Materials: you can buy the kit here 

  • Wool colors
  • Crochet 4mm
  • Needle for wool

hora de tejer kit 007

Points and techniques to be used

  • Ring magic
  • Chain stitch/s c/s
  • Dwarf point pe
  • High point – pa
  • Medium-high point – WFP
  • Medium-high point embossed taken from behind
  • Medium-high point embossed taken ahead
  • Dwarf point to join the squares

Makes 2 8 turns each Granny squares.

Begins with a magic ring (or 4 chains linked by a dwarf point), 3 chains, 2 pa, 2 chains, (3 pa, 2 chains) X 3 and join with dwarf point at the top of the first 3 chains.

Work continues this way the following turns using this diagram.

Use the colors as shown on the packaging of each

Diagram for 8-square of Grandma "Granny square"


The base color you used to perform the turn 8, ends with a dwarf point.

Before turning your work in half dale termination to the end of wool entre-pasando by low points.

Fold your work in half and is a rectangle, tomato the time to examine your work, you'll count that each corner has 2 chains and have 8 groups of 3 high points between them (the corners).

Work on the chain before the first high point – another chain work it when you do the puno.┬á Make a knot with crochet on the middle of the two sides and sliding insert your crochet in the back on the inside of the side – up or over – and then your crochet by turn on the inside of the bottom side and pulling a loop of wool goes through all the turns and you stay with only one and repeat the same thing.

You close your glove on 4 groups of 3 high points, then you do 6 dwarf points only on one side of the glove – thumb – to then close the remaining 7 points (6 high points and a chain) in the same way you did above and dwarf point works all around the top of the glove. (8 groups of 3 high points but 1 stitch at each end) Ends your work there.


To make the cuffs:

begins with a dot medium-high standing (or two chains) in the corner after the union, WFP works for all, around including the next corner, you'll have 26 points, it is ideal to work with even numbers to make the fist. It joins pe at the top of the first WFP (of foot)

2 chains, WFP relief taken ahead, * WFP relief taken from behind, WFP relief taken ahead * repeat this combination to get to the beginning, closing with pe.

Repeat the previous 4 more turns or to your liking turn.

and happy hour knitting!

* Mariella

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