This time of year is probably less work we do with our hands, I am referring to the summer holidays, time to recreate, to get inspired and get motivated. Although it seems that I live in eternal holiday in this fabulous country, but the truth is from the year 2009 that did not come out of nowhere and before that date was the 2007 or I leave very little and there was something calling me for a ride.  It is super difficult exit or 'fun' without the physical presence of my James… Why is that he is part of each plan in my life. An of them tasks for these holiday was make delivery of the dolls in the offices of Fibrosis cystic where will be organized in bags of gift for children with this disease.  It was great to be able to meet all those who are behind this fabulous organization.


The trip was Regal in train with a tremendous bag full of dolls and with much glitter! -It is another story but it is the truth, much glitter… Octavio "Tavy" my son was with me and we decided to make a special day with the first leg to Melbourne.  So after going to let the puppets had to The National Gallery of Victoria and enjoy hours surrounded by art… Ohhhh! It was wonderful and we will go again if God wants to end the journey.

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 062

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 064

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 077

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 068

In the Gallery had an exhibition mobile of flowers, the flowers were cut lists for one them take and it entertaining was that had small bags with the name of the aexposicion printed, one les put water put the flower and closed with an aerial, all super cute! I placed so when we got home. https://instagram.com/p/BPJ-YbmgKNi/ Australia this surrounded of sea, is a tremendous Island, and makes years that not enjoyed of hours of beach and makes a couple of weeks decided to that would do a trip to where wanted that were with my James, to Phillip Island (where are them penguins more small of the world and where is runs the Motor Grand Prix) this place is to a hour of my city.  The fun was that I drove from ida with my father since I should have someone with a license since I only have a learner permit, the brought back car and we went to look for I drive back.

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 123

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 141

national gallery of victoria and Cowes trip 152

The name of the place is Cowes and very rich faith, we share with the owners House and I went to the beach every day, even the Enzo it enjoy! Now to continue to inspire me and finish this work I started in Cowes!


I want to leave guests to listen to this recording I made for you, the sound of the sea in Cowes.  Use it to relax, to weave or to go to sleep… to my I love!

Can also access the mp3 and download it whenever they want using this link – relaxation by the sea


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