Do it yourself – crochet cherry blossom

This is excellent example of ' Upcycling' is as recycling but improving what could have been "trash"

* Thanks Karla for the correction, says do it don't do it :/ *

A few days ago had what was inspired and thus I returned to happen, I was inspired!

For me is my James closely to my! To it you liked occupy is of the garden, pruning and at the same time was a lover of the culture Japanese and them flowers of cherry you represent šŸ˜‰

The day I made the pennant to decorate the wall had to go to the courtyard and cut or so pieces of ornamental pear tree that is in the front yard, cutting the pieces he wanted for this project were me several pieces more phones of branches of the same, and suddenly I came to mind putting them in a jug and add cherry blossoms to crochet – for those who don't know I am not very friendly knitting flowers to crochet, since the project is very short and have to work in small, which makes me a little hurt hand and begin and end so fast, and repeat the same bored me…

Then I thought it was better if you used a troz of trunk which I had found in the street a few months ago – Upcycling BIG time!

Motif home – cherry blossom


  • piece of trunk to branches
  • branches several
  • Silicone hot
  • crochet 3.5 mm
  • wool or strong pink and pale pink thread

1: cut a piece of trunk or branch of approximately 7 cm of diameter and several branches of tree of the length desired 40-60 cm each a

2: Make holes using a drill. Ā I use bit of 4 and 6 mm and I served well.

liquorice all sorts kit 012

3: Paste the branches using the hot silicone, put the silicone into the holes and insert branches – which had previously tested in each hole, or if you will not lose time making them fit when you paint glue – plan where you can each.

4: Does lots of flowers, may I did like 30 and many outbreaks, to see how to make them go to THIS VIDEO I made especially to cover this project and share with you.

5: Using the "beans" where were the flowers, outbreaks or the sheet of each branch sticks (containing silicone) your flowers and buds.

cherry blossom plus beanie how to 007

cherry blossom plus beanie how to 005

And wear it in your home or give it to who you think would make happy to have a natural touch indoors without watering it or prune continuously!


cherry blossom plus beanie how to 016

cherry blossom plus beanie how to 010

cherry blossom plus beanie how to 015

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