With love to my blog and those who read him

An hour and a half to start a new year with 365 opportunities to be happy, as we did?

faith in God who guides us to happiness, with health! Friends having health we have everything! We can love, work, achieve and make happy those who surround us; also having healthy to our loved ones, for my LO more important! for those who know me know the reason and for you that you don't know it, my husband has cystic fibrosis, and it is a struggle everyday and life… so for my health is the main thing!

Thank you friends for me having accompanied in 2014 in the moments more hard which I lately live 😀 Thank you sea, my sister's heart for always being with me!

For all those who read this post:


We are returning to our blogs in the "Fugitive Blogger" Facebook group, they dusted frauds, and also visiting us, they wanted to throw me with these "goals" for my blog this year that is coming.

Learning from friends like Carmen Tye who stands out as an excellent blogger, friend and very active participant in Facebook as Instagram also… Thank you Carmen for being a worthy exemplary blogger to follow in your footsteps.

In my humble opinion, the blog – your blog – must have a reason for being.  Thank you (and no thanks…) "social networks" publications of our work every day is more easy, simple and also has made us slaves of "click" giving "like" what we ggusta, pocazo dejamso reviews and less give us the work of posting to our blogs.

The blog must have a reason for being! -If is that the repeat, but it's inevitable to make a difference.

To my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and FLICKR (I have all) they are instant ways to share creations, but where is the explanation? the how got to them? the step by step tutorial? SIP… that was the blog!

Therefore, in summary; This year determine the following:

* Make time to blog: If one day a week, one night, one afternoon specifies at least or a once a fortnight, hagamsonos of the time, detengamonos and want to our blogs.

* Write from the heart: sounds corny, but the truth is that we should write what comes from us, what is expected "blog" should not follow any stereotype!, our blog is unique!

* The Blog is not just photographs; Girls, for photographs I have social networks to put photos, this place is to get to the heart of you, to approach us and know us, to tell them how and why? … are we understanding us?

* Quality, not quantity: publish and publish without "core", the truth does not interest me read or again to see only photos of work? I want content, I get emotional, I feel part of it!

* Teach what is: while it takes time and patience, I would like to give tips how to perform some techniques that can be so useful!

At last…

* Demonstrate admiration: I think that this is very important, is a form of watering a plant, the blogeril world… leave a comment… There are no "like" on these sides: D apoyemosnos each other! so we grow!

What are your goals?

With love for you!


targets 2015 for the blpog

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