Chilean Hands

Welcome my new “charming” companions

Since I started selling “my Charms” and then creating them I found out that it gives me so much joy to share them with my amazing clients. What starts with the best drawing I can do hahahaha!! It ends as the mean to reach to all of my friendly customers who love them as much as I do.

It takes so much time to go from the pencil lines to the rubber product you get to have at home, but it is all worthy!

Claire’s drawing was the easiest to do and I hope you love the rubber result!
I had to give in with some details of Jamies’s clothing, but regardless I love the result

and finally Brianna has her Roger!!

But the best part of all is that I get to sell these today on my “brand new” website!! Well, not too brand new, I have had it for years, but after working on it for a long time adding a shop to it and in this way starting my slow transition from Etsy I am finally able to LAUNCH my website!!

The new charms are only available in here (for sets of 7 and the earrings) I will have the set of all 12 charms available in Etsy soon, and also the latest 3 in my own shop very soon; for the meantime you can purchase sets of 7 and earrings in here!

I have also created a coupon that will give you 10% in my shop “CHLAUNCH” as for Chilean Hands launch and int will available for use until 31st of January.

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