The making of a very special baby blanket

Just a few months after James’ passing I received a message from one ex-colleague her name is Kate and we worked for a period of time in a primary school; since then and even while we were working together Kate had trusted my craft abilities and has ordered crochet items and also stamped jewelry.  This time she asked me “if I knew about wool” , the question was quite open and I actually didn’t get the point right then.  Then the conversation got an interesting twist!

Kate lost her beloved mother when she was just 17 years old and now lovely Kate was expecting her first child, but she didn’t have her mother to accompany her in this amazing new stage in her life.  Life is full of difficult moments and without diminishing them it is still up to us changing the perception of those to life a healthier happy life.  I say this because I have lost my James and it hurts like hell! and I also say this because Kate and also lovely Bianca (another dearly friend) have lost their mums at an early age and they have carried on with their mum’s memories and I am so proud of their life choices and how they have built up loving families even though theirs crushed early on the years.

What Kate had in mind was an absolutely fantastic idea.  She had a sweater that belonged to her mother and she wanted to transform it into two baby blankets , one for her soon to be named Lola and the other one for her brother’s baby who funnily enough was due in the same week Lola was due! how about that?

Kate's baby blanket

Kate's baby blanket

She wanted to add two extra yarn colours to the blanket a bright coral and also a dark grey; she by the way asked me to be the one to make this special baby blanket!! 🙂

It was an honor to be considered to do it; I know how to crochet and knit but the whole project also involved hours of unraveling the beloved jumper.

This is how I unraveled the jumper…


It took me 6 hours to unravel it, but what was really tricky was to find the right pattern , the right color combination… This  was a huge project for me, not only because of the hours involved in making it but it the significance behind the item itself.  Kate and Nathan were awesome!! always so happy when getting my updates on the blanket.

kates cool baby blanket 012

kates cool baby blanket 017

Kate was so excited when I finished the first one that she took it home right away!! I know she was paying for it, but I hadn’t stitched the label (They had been posted from Argentina) ; the day she got her blanket she asked me to make a pixie like bonnet for her baby daughter and I loved the idea!

gloves and crochet hooks 018

gloves and crochet hooks 022

I wanted to add a gift to this set , so i made this cute little pixie boots!!

gloves and crochet hooks 021

When Lola came to meet this world , she was rugged in her very special baby blanket;  her grandmother arms and heart were hugging her in there and lots of love that I crocheted along the blanket, too.

Meet lovely Lola Louise!!

She is absolutely adorable! and she comes to be part of a loving family.

and now I will introduce to you her beautiful cousin Evie snoozing with her blanket


Thank you Kate for making me to be part of this sweet project.

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