For my will always be alive, my Sunny Boy!


Thank you Sunny Boy! … Dreams will be sweet
Life without the presence of my soulmate is different and I don't like!
My heart has been broken without it and not is rather than continue to live it, little by little, without desires, hopes and without fear.
My beloved husband left the Earth 38 days ago, but they are 40 days from the time that I kissed you and speak for the last time without machines in the.
This is the most difficult period in my life. Wake up helpless and take me hours put me up, I play passes to my heart keep my brain functioning, but night comes and shakes the heart to the brain and reality hit me stronger than ever… My love is not! I have no words, their laughter, their hugs or its steps…
Night I swallowed hard dreams, where I know that he is not in this life, and my dreams turn to torment, since the penalty I nailed from the inside. In dreams there are no tears, spaces that make me get the sadness so I wake consumed in a desolate space.
These weeks, my love has left me know of his presence with gifts that has placed in my path, these gifts have given me a reason to smile about crying… With them I have built a trap dreams to help me reconcile without difficulty, I want to have sweet dreams with my James!
* Butterfly that I visited:
The butterfly is a symbol of the "sidhe" and represents a metamorphosis, a metaphoric transition of spirits awaiting rebirth, dying in the other world to be born in this in a perpetual Exchange. These spirits that have to return to our world, are used to represent as the mounted Butterfly fairies, to remind us of the symbolism of this transformative aspect.
The Chinese legend States that if a butterfly you visit, it is a soul on the other side who you came to see.
* pens:
Very common to receive them from your spirit guides or Angels, to let you know that are there with you. Several pens have been on my way from my james departed. Near his tomb, in the carpet to crochet that I did, another example.
For that I thank my James, my Sunny Boy for helping me make this catch dreams which I did with a rod of a native tree that we have at home, in our garden. Also added several feathers that suit the last exit that we did all three the day before my birthday 5/12) to an output of near here where there are many Pelicans and seagulls and sea me costume feathers to create things with them (I never thought would be this)
I love you more than ever Sunny! ❤️

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