Shawls that textile and made me happy

Not be you but yew for many reasons and some of which I can't can not even express, because it goes more beyond.

When I have you to be a part of the challenge of Things to Knit, was because I loved what I saw; the first work was a cowl which I did with much pleasure, then you jump me a job in February, but if I have you by the third party a very nice shawl at the sight.

But it wasn't only that the reason why I decided to do it, but because it was complicated!


It is something that attracts me very much, since I believe that "we become weavers with experience working projects that are challenging" and for me this seemed to him.

Spend weeks! knitting this shawl or capping in a canary yellow color very cute!


and if it made me challenge my abilities and that I liked and I cost! Since I had to follow the pattern every second line – and then memorize it, I had but to follow each line of the pattern! that you can see here 

My husband had that do dialysis those days and I was wearing my fabric to keep you company… That made me happy, I was happy to finish a project so intense (for my skills), but I was happy feel that this project also accompanied me difficult moments, on journeys of back and forth to the hospital…


Life is wonderful, and I'm not complaining, I am positive I believe in God, in his guide in my life, in the life of those I love. I thank God because my beloved husband today enjoys a set of wonderful organs donated by a family that today suffers. Today we see life from another point of view.

My husband now has two new lungs and one kidney that have changed you your life, their days, their glow and easy smile has returned.  We have never given us by expired and despite tough times, everything seems so simple… It wasn't but so I thank God at every moment.

Weaving has accompanied me especially in these times of my life.  I started knitting this shawl second when James found him dangerously low calcium levels and we had to spend the night in the hospital, and did not have another project to do this.  It seemed impossible to finish especially for this material!


When we had to return to hospital after transplant do not carry any serious ERROR tissue! (porque no sabia seria una admisión) and then asked this to my son, so take me to the hospital (where I was 14 hours every day with my love) and I'm not one that give this shawl that to my surprise I did very fast!


For those who want to do it is to crochet and find it here! This in English but if see PDF files one with diagram


So these chalets have given me happiness, because they have given me support when I needed it… sound crazy?

the truth is that I thank God for having this manual skill that strengthens me.

have a nice Thursday!

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