Poncho Andean now in Spanish!

Makes a few months ago I started with the madness of Granny squares, making mittens that I did in many combinations of colors and you can find the free pattern here, you can also access a few super kits fields I have available in my shop Etsy, only you must tell me that color combination like and receive everything you need to make your gloves.

A client saw the gloves in my Etsy Shop and I want to make ponchos following colors give the gloves and that's how he began the madness of the ponchos!

I started with Purple heart, followed by tammy's fairy floss, then I made one in cotton "midnight sun", midnight sun.   Followed by the madness of the Granny square came the sunflowers and so how a sunflower was born blooming in a granny square.

It could not pass the opportunity to write the pattern to build the poncho.  Although making a granny square is simple and of knowledge of the majority of the weavers of crochet with this pattern and explanatory guide wanted to go more there and teach those tricks that make tissue more easy and more beautiful.  Not just build the poncho but also knowledge that help any Weaver in many other projects.

Love this #misnightsun #poncho !! Costume order :) how cool is to see the different colour combinations come alive plus! In a different material ! This is 100% cotton! It took me 2 afternoons/evenings to make the whole poncho which is pretty good timing a

Give names to my designs is a part very difficult and important; in this case pass call it beautiful poncho with fringes in mapudungun (Mapuche language) to finally give the name of "Poncho of the Andes' and the truth is the name I leave completely satisfied;" the white of the poncho (minus the one) and the color of the Center gives me the idea of snow and also vegetation or rock in the beautiful mountains, other if this tell that I love to take with me my fatherland, therefore the Andes means so much me that for a name, is part of my Chilean culture and of our national anthem "majestic is the White Mountain that gave you bastion by the Lord"


For me is much more easy and natural (incredibly) to write patterns in English and therefore that although I take in couple of months, came out pattern to life in English and took me several weeks sit and translate it into Spanish, which is super important to have it for my friends from Spanish-speaking.

As I said above, this pattern not only includes the construction of the poncho but also my tricks of the tissue to crochet, includes more than 70 points step by step photographs to make more easy the understanding of the.  Another super important thing is that I have included the construction of with the giant sunflower Granny square, this I consider an extra, because that will be part of another pattern separately.

Not an ordinary granny!! It took me all day yesterday but I'm finally happy with this giant sunflower in a granny.  I can't wait to block it with the rest of them :) #granny #grannysquare #notsoordinary #handmadewithlove #crochet #crochetaddict #crochetin

When you purchase this pattern not only buy this material (29 pages) but you also get a discount of 10 dollars for the purchase of a kit to make the poncho, which will be on sale soon!

Finally visit this link to see the pattern and make it yours!

While in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn /fall makes its entrance in the southern we are starting to enjoy the beauty of Spring! Los Andes Mountains Poncho "autumn in spring" captures both in a simple and beautiful way. My latest poncho just finished by la

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