Pinterest – spiral “In favour and against” sugar cookies

Since a while now for my "Google" it not already meets my needs "crafteriles" and I turn 99% of the time to review my Pinterest in search of patterns, recipes, ideas, even for spending time and distract me! I follow many people, and also many boards (boards).

Pinterest is a tool more in crafts and know it as other tools is very important!

Pinterest is in English, and this is an impediment to many friends, on the other hand many of pages that they are so useful and educational have another impediment other than language… materials! Many times the materials we need can not buy them in where we live.

Here a sample; one of my boards is dedicated to biscuits and I wanted to do one that is looked beautiful!

Toy cookies


the dough recipe to them at this link and specifically here.

In favour:

* beautiful cookie

* great for parties

* entertaining for


* Ingredients

It is very important that we use the ingredients listed in the recipe, if we get a spectacular result and the more close to what motivated us in the first place, its beautiful presentation and of course a rich texture and flavour.

In my case the ingredients were known by my and the recipe was very easy to follow.

swirl cookies

swirl cookies

It is important to note that not everything we see on Pinterest can make it; We have to keep in mind that having the right materials, and in this case with the ingredients listed in the recipe.

For more details follow the links where you will find the recipe to follow.

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