Fast and beautiful blanket with remains of wool – Tutorial

More than one month ago to order all my wool and yarns and there I realized the amount of wool without purpose that I had!

remains of wool and crochet

A 50-liter box full of balls and few of wool the truth wasn't to make a good project but have to use what we have and then I came across this link.

blanket basket point

The best of this project (as opposed to the "Granny" squares for example) is that with this project we deal with all the wool!

crochet blanket

Works using 3 strands of wool and as you are running we are joining a new colour or wool.  Not necessarily the same color, although we can sometimes work in pattern for example "wool green, yellow and blue" and to just go by joining them similar tones and thus get a nice effect but not is necessary!

blanket to crochet

Incredible is the effect that is produced by mixing 3 strands of different colors and to just add new colors!

I thought it could be useful to explain how to do this and this explanation:

sample point basket

Pattern "point blanket basket using remains of wool"


* Traces of wool

* 15mm crochet


* Make enough chains (multiple of 4) depending on the size of blanket you want for example: 80 chains

C1: Make 3 chains, work in high points up to finish the run – you'll end up with the 3 chains (which represent a high point) and 79 high points.

C2: Make 3 chains, 3 high point embossed on the front * 4 high points in relief behind, 4 high points in relief ahead *

repeat from * to * until the end of the run.

C3: Make 3 chains, 3 high points raised by forward or back depending on what you say the run earlier – if they are raised by front to do so or otherwise if they see as point highlighted by back to do so as well, repeat pattern 4 high relief for back / forward

C4: Repeat the above.

C5, 6, 7, 8: work in the same way, but in reverse way, where he was raised by back, dots work this time ahead for the following 4 runs or laps.

Following this pattern work until you get the desired size.

I hope this video to make a warm and cute blanket for winter.

Thanks to my son Octavio for helping me to record this video 😀

point basket displays

Have a good week!


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