It warms your little hands and the of your loved ones

For some reason, I like to make half-finger gloves, and whenever I think of a project easy and useful is the first thing that comes to mind, probably because that I did and thought for the first time were so successful! I sold about 70 pairs for several years ago now. (Click here to see the pattern)

Crafts and mittens 051

This year has been the introduction of the tender granny square mittens in different colour versions, I love that part! give names to different models and each of them has had enough meaning for my.  They were born the Kits 'Time knitting' that have brought me much joy since I have sold 5 to 5 phenomenal women who have been put one hand on the heart and the other in the Pocket and got them their orders in a cry of joy! They know that each one was sent with kilos of very positive energy and much gratitude. (click here to see the KIT)

hora de tejer kit 006

The taste for making gloves or mittens without or half finger must have to do with the love that I have you my little hands and therefore wanted to complement these tissues with a few "warms aromatic little hands".

To much I wanted to do them and until this week that all he and here the result and how to make them.

"It warms aromatic pig"

  • cardboard (from a cereal box) of 10 x 10 cm template
  • 10 x 10 cm of cotton fabric squares
  • long grain rice (1/4 cup per sachet)
  • essential oil – diluted – 10 drops per cup of rice
  • 1/4 cup dried Lavender buds for each cup of rice
  • scissors, thread and needle (sewing machine), funnel

Will the amount of rice, essence and lavender depend on how many want to do?

If you want to make 4 pairs that it means that you need a cup of rice to succeed.

 First prepare the mixture of rice, lavender and essential oil using a spoon to mix very well.

Second short a square of cardboard from cereal and mark your fabric using it, so you make sure that they would be perfect, or if they will not give you headache when you stuff them.

liquorice all sorts kit 004

Third Board each square with another, leaving the fabric wrong side out and both the right looking.  then using the sewing machine sews one side and immediately without cutting and leaving 1 cm of distance still sewing the other squares in the same way.  When finished sewing all your squares next, cut the union (one centimeter) of sewing in the "air". align your square to sew other side and work with them in the same way.  Follow this method for all three sides, since the last works differently.

liquorice all sorts kit 005

liquorice all sorts kit 006

Fourth: to sew the last side you should leave an opening in the center of that side.  The opening must be 2.5 or 3 cm, therefore coses starting at one corner, then short leave opening and still stitching after 3 cm up to the other corner. Cut corners to give them back without having problems with many fabric in that corner.

liquorice all sorts kit 007

Fifth: turns your squares and using a funnel that you will put in the hole you put 1/4 cup of the mixture of rice in them.

liquorice all sorts kit 008

liquorice all sorts kit 009

Sixth: Sewing by hand or with sewing machine closes the opening that we previously left to put the rice.

liquorice all sorts kit 010

Seventh: (step) sewing by hand makes a stitch of 3 mm that you repasaras 3 or 4 times, this stitch helps q that rice is evenly dispersed.

liquorice all sorts kit 011

Finally, put your squares (2) in the microwave for 30 seconds or 15 if you put only one.  The heat is intense!  and if the you put inside your gloves will last more than 20 minutes, but on the contrary if you use on them 15 minutes.

I love them, especially during the winter months!

granny and rice hand warmers 004

To obtain these adorable gloves pattern go to this link, don't forget to share this post 🙂

Thank you and blessings


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