Dear diary, so I started

Dear Diary:

Even though you do not climb trees nor yew much outdoors, if I can say that whenever yew transported me to another place that I can't describe.

I learned to knit with my nana, my maternal grandmother wove with few wool, and with sticks of different sizes, up to invent them me with 4 nails! And it mattered if I got what I wanted and no, they were not clothing or difficult stitches, what I always wanted to was to convert those sticks plastics, broken, wool re-tejidas a symbol of my desire to make things as where was…

And it is clear nowadays equal as my dream, my ideas can sack out, and although as many other weavers do not have all the time, and all the experience we would like whatever it is we put forward our pieces of soul in woven fabrics.

wanted daily to climb trees

Dear diary today I feel on my couch with the TV on, but I'm actually sitting on the step of my house in Chile, with my nana by my side and the fig tree centuries-old accompanying our afternoon.


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