Dear diary… .for those who have a grandmother of these!


dear diary Granny

Dear diary,

Today birthday Grandma youth Oli, my dad mom meet… tired, but are not noticeable, is every day more young!

Being so far away from her and my family to celebrate a year more than life is difficult and I convince myself that for the next I'll be there to laugh and embrace good strong! No one knows how difficult that is to not be part of the celebration, but did not stop the distance I "distance" of my family and this is why I wanted to do with my manso gift for my grandmother, I can't give it out yet because I have not managed to send.

If I can say that despite being so far I keep thinking about it.  In my life she has accompanied me in many of my adventures and has always been my fan number 1 of my artistic skills.  When they were less my adventures in the boards of the theatre acting and reciting, also encouraging family parties imitating artists and always giving me a spectacular support!

My grandma Oli is super! Encouraged me with every thing that looks at Facebook, it makes me know how cute is all I do, but that is not all she was my partner's part in my college years! So he was witness of my rebel days, my political ambitions, my gear and my brave journey of becoming a professional! She is always happy to see me and hear speaking English!  By the way my grandma is very intelligent and can be understood in English also recoradando what she learned in his years of elementary!

My grandmother is an inspiration also from very young was able to bring forward a family, three children and their mother.  Sewing night learning day hair… His life has not been easy, but she always smiling goes ahead.  I'm very proud of it of how it has been able to live a happy life despite adversity.

Dear diary, today I dedicate my words to my grandma Oli!




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