Crochets, wool and yarns… Which use?

Since long I see photos of flowers (for example) on the web where disappoints me the use of the material used in conjunction with crochet or crochet used; Needless say that altogether this is a poor use of light photography (and use of artificial light – but that will discuss it in an upcoming entry.

Making flowers: is a project very versatile and very entertaining as well as great for use of "remains of wool"

When we find the pattern or diagram that you want to use for a project (scarf, curtain, brooches, headband, belt) and we have with us the material the important thing is to choose very well the number of crochet.

* Choice of pattern

* Choice of material (yarn, wool, cotton)

* Choice of crochet

Most of the time not to buy the material, use remains (this happens to me), so the choice of crochet (thickness) is critical to getting a FLAWLESS job, because we don't want to waste time doing something that not be vera or not show really our hours of work on the project

For this experiment, use this model of flower; so that you using only one model/diagram/pattern but different materials and different thicknesses of crochet.

I started with thin thread (without a number specified assume 10 or 12)

First flower made with 1.5 crochet then one of 1.7

Crochet flowers

Crochet flowers

Do you see a difference?

Then using wool (in complete contrast to the foregoing) this time work 3 flowers in three different measures of crochet:

Crochet flowers

If you do not notice it (I think Yes) will see the disproportionate flowers at the ends, while wue from the Center is provided and is molded with ease.

Crochet flowers

I have decorated each flower alike, so that they do not notice a preference by the worked with him for crochet.

Flowers worked in cotton which suggested using a crochet of thickness 3.25 (which I don't have) as you use one 3.0 and then one 3.5, to my latest feels much better than the first.

Crochet flowers

Don't have a "recipe" for crochet use with that type of material, because there is another very important factor which is the tension with which we weave.  I not yew neither tight nor loose, but each hand is different so if I suggest that before making many flowers (this time we speak of flowers) you must do it with different thicknesses of crochets and take you time to notice with which works best.

Crochet flowers

This entry is intended and for use, material remains, when don't I still requested by the employer.

Thank you and I hope you will be useful!

Instagram crochet flowers

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