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No, I do not believe I'm so confused that I believe already is Christmas! Not on the contrary, it is well weird to publish it at this point in the year.

On the one hand it could tell them it's never sooner or later to start the Christmas crafts, and trust you to believe that I am one of the most organized people who have known, but not so…

In mid-December I started to prepare this project and was going very well, taking from one side to another.  Just for those days my James was looking to change the auto as well is that the tissue was with me several automotive.  December 17 James decided to had to go to the hospital to see a headache that had already been days, that I had said before and during the day I try to hydrate known but the pain was not going.  Therefore with the pain of my heart we assume, as many other times, although this time my hunch was heavily loaded and I cried a lot before organizing the suitcase, always had a suitcase since he never knew in that last admission; one night, one day, one week, weeks? Take my tissue and could not knit! Even the wonder "why don't you weave?" And I told him "that I'm very nervous"

The most terrible day of my life was taking on 21 December, when my love, my best friend died, with large section of my.

This project like many others in my mind stayed behind, there was no reason to make them, it was not a "Merry Christmas" my love went 4 days before and my world was empty.

One day I decided to reorganize the project, wool were everywhere, the bag that had been taken to hospital etc.

Then he was thinking that he could end it and save it, it told me "don't you think that it is very nice and they can steal it the door?" And he even had seen it finished, only with since backing.

As Miss simple reviews for my work!

Yesterday was the day, to three months (91 days) of their departure, the day that I decided to resume and finalize this project months ago Finally I found so beautiful, today brings me many memories!

Bauble to Crochet – in memory of my James


Ring poliesterina, Christmas wool, crochet 3.5 or 4 mm jingle bells, Christmas ribbons, various ornaments to taste

Points used

Dwarf point, chain stitch, low, high point, high point double, triple high point, high point quadruple

To begin you must weave 10 chains by turning point under 5 and measure length in cm (no matter the height) of the fabric.

Measure the diameter of your ring.

Using your fabric reference, do the following: If the diameter of the ring is 20 cm and your fabric measures 2.5 cm by 10 points, meaning that (20✖️10 ➗2. 5 = 80) need to 80 points, can always confirm making the chain testing it it around Central magnificent on the ring.

You weave combining Christmas colors (green, red, white) in the way that you want! To be able to fully cover the ring.

My beautiful sunnys last pictures with us 001

Then you join the final edge with the start (I used the same wool that had ultimately to unite) point dwarf, as we unite grannys pictures.

Then using wool needle, point scallop, I joined over fabric.  The union did it in the face of what will be back, so there is no seam at the sight.

The next step is to make the flowers and leaves. Using this diagram I made 9 daughters in different shades of green.

xmas wreath 003

xmas wreath 006

For flowers I made two sets of petals, major and minor.  Then they come together and stitched you bells

xmas wreath 005

xmas wreath 004

xmas wreath 001

For ara to accomplish something more firmness in the petals, pass thin wire for each petal, prevents "kinking" and Miss beauty.

xmas wreath 007

We sew immediately leaves in triplets, so meticulously, I was guided by the center of the leaves and I sewed them to the crochet stitch back ring. Then sew the flowers in the Center once the leaves are sewn together.

xmas wreath 011

xmas wreath 012

The rest is to stick with hot silicone straps and decorations, as also a tape above we will use another hang him at the door.

xmas wreath 014

xmas wreath 015

xmas wreath 017

I hope you like it very much!

ACA dejo les video I made with this tutorial.  The video had begun it until this terrible tragedy rocked my life, is pro that complement it with photos, just wasn't able to keep shooting.


See and store the video on Pinterest and give you "like" on YouTube, as well as on Facebook!  so it will be Lara when the Christmas away!


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