Bowl of wool the wool – do it yourself!

Today I come to share another do it your same and at the same time is a recycled for best! I love these! and to you?

When I did more than 70 pairs of gloves on 2012 together every piece of wool and had them in a bag and then throw them! because I thought that I could use them!

After this failed attempt to save the remains and somehow become a cachurera by profession, save restitos here and there…  When my James died my great friend Coral I gift a plant very beautiful and came in a bucket red cute! and put it on a piece of furniture and Wham! started it to fill with the restitos I had here and there!

Then came the inspiration = spirit

It occurred to me to make a bowl with the remains of wool, a bowl for the lana!

Then I found the Red Bowl on the street (which does not appear in the photo but was the second that use), if! on the street and it was perfect for my project… I only needed white school glue PVA or colafria.

Here I give you my "recipe"

Bowl of wool to wool


yarn bowl and row counter 001

  • a bowl full of cuts/remains of wool
  • 500 grams of adhesive
  • Bowl mold
  • cling wrap / plastic kitchenware
  • adhesive tape


  • Covers the mold (Bowl) with plastic of kitchen and with tape adhesive unes them tips, if you use adhesive thick a cross is enough or 3 cross forming an asterisk, so the plastic not is move.

yarn bowl and row counter 002

  • cut the wool a little more (optional)

yarn bowl and row counter 003

  • moisten slightly it wool (2 tablespoons of water, so the glue gives for more)-I not it did but facilitates the process!
  • Proceeds to put the glue on wool and blend it with your fingers until the wool impregnated with glue, I had to put more water (not much!)

yarn bowl and row counter 004

yarn bowl and row counter 005

  • It covers your glue Bowl (mould)

yarn bowl and row counter 006

  • It begins to cover your bowl with the wool blend
  • Remember leave a hole for passing the wool through the.

yarn bowl and row counter 012

  • Let it dry completely (I take 5 days!)

yarn bowl and row counter 011

  • When this completely dry add a good layer of glue, if again! the glue that you use for this layer was not of the same quality as the previous and I am brand white :/
  • wool – short cover remove adhesive tape and thus sacala.  then remove the plastic that is-inside-of the cover of wool.

tavys cowl and poncho 006

tavys cowl and poncho 007

  • After removing the plastic I had to dry the inside of the Bowl still had some moisture in the glue.

tavys cowl and poncho 008

  • Using acrylic spray transparent (or glitter), applied inside and outside your project, dry and apply a coat more, then a third.

This is the result!

tavys cowl and poncho 026

tavys cowl and poncho 027

Seem to noodles of colors! JA ja ja!

Animate and so do it, you can take advantage of way with your children, since it requires a taste by the disorder when you can mix with wool + glue.

tavys cowl and poncho 028

tavys cowl and poncho 029

tavys cowl and poncho 030

Can give it different uses! to decorate a House place or to put your wool and yarn through hole to put your tools and have them at your fingertips!

tavys cowl and poncho 032

tavys cowl and poncho 034

I hope that you liked and put hands to work!

Don't forget's share with your friends!


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