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A couple of teddys for a couple of sweethearts!


My darling friend Bianca became a mother of Lachlan James in 2014; I had the pleasure of seeing Lachlan grow from an “Appleseed” to a sweet new born baby!

I felt this enormous will to do something very personal for Bianca and her bundle of joy, so I knitted a set of nappy cover and a cute apple style beanie… isn’t he cute!

You would be wondering why is everything to do with apple? … Well, Bianca and Craig’s surname is Appleby !

Bianca got pregnant of her second child last year and even though I didn’t witness him growing, he grew in my heart, too.

Craig and Bianca were so beautiful and came to be with me and farewell my James; it meant so much to me! Later on, (it was actually the day I got his death certificate in the mail) they organised a super cool lunch with Tavy and I here , bringing with them lots of cheer and also sweet Lachlan and the little baby brother still in Bianca’s womb.

I am so flattered that they shared the news of Patrick Eli’s arrival to this world with me among other very close friends, too (before making it official); it also brought me to tears knowing his beautiful name! My lovely late husband’s name is James Patrick! both names are in between this sweet couples children.

I wanted to make something special for this new baby as well as I did for Lachie and then I saw a beautiful picture of a teddy in Pinterest, I followed the link and it was a free pattern by Simply Notable, where Julie shares for FREE this amazing pattern,  I loved it!

PS: Simply Notable also have the Spanish translation available …yeah, by me!!! – they were so cool letting me be part of their fabulous blog! please visit them!

But I couldn’t just make 1, I wanted to make one for each one of them 🙂

Most of my friends will remember when I posted this picture on Instagram, most people thought I was knitting a bikini brassiere! But they were actually the heads of the teddys.

The whole teddys are knitted as one piece! yeahhh!! GREAT PATTERN!

I also decided to make a pair of apple socks! with bees on the sides – Apple + bee , sounds like Appleby , he he he

Poncho tutorial 018

The cute part was adding the details which were needle felted to the teddys, using these needles and some felt fibre and so it is baby safe , too!

Poncho tutorial 009

The teddys went on some adventures before leaving to their new home!!

Poncho tutorial 011

Poncho tutorial 012

Poncho tutorial 013

Poncho tutorial 014

Poncho tutorial 015

They also spent a while sitting on the cd rack besides the cherry blossom.

Poncho tutorial 020

Here some shots of the Appleby team!

Patrick with the teddys  and his apple bee socks.  Bianca and myself were relieved to find out that they fitted perfectly! (and they were so tiny!)


How much has Lachlan grown!


If you have a tendency of going awwww when seeing a cute baby, get ready!


Thanks Bianca for sharing with us this amazing photos!


Over all, I am so pleased that my “crafty” abilities can let me be part of family memories!

Thank you Craig, Bianca, Lachlan and Patrick … You are an awesome family!

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  • Bianca Appleby

    You are a beautiful person, Mariella!! A very heartfelt blog, brought me to tears!
    You’re very good at what you do and should be so proud! We LOVE all the different gifts and projects you have done for us over the years.
    We love how personalised you make them! Xoxoxo
    Much Love, Craig, Lachlan, Patrick & Me

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