6 things that you did not count on the art of weaving!

Each which starts to knitting to crochet or to sticks in different circumstances, but many have something in common and is that has been an art that inherited of the hands of aunts, grandmothers and mothers.

When we started to weave we learned techniques, how to make clothes for the winter, folders, doilies.  We also learned about different materials to use as yarns and wool.

There are many other things that we were not taught or not told us when we begin to weave and little will understand that there is much more to learn and that we can turn this art "grannies" into something much larger than this.

1: can weave using material that we have at hand!

Knitting wool and yarns is conventional and very easy to get, we can also put in use of this almost all art (and I say almost to not exaggerate) from paper diary, bottles, plastic bags, dog hair can even use clothing cut!




In the last image they found the link to see how to make dog hair material!

2: we can take crochet or needle as you want!

One of my problems was that I grew up thinking that my way of taking the crochet was not correct and therefore embarrassed me knitting in public!

Everyone weaves as she pleases, the important thing is to have fun and create products that are of our satisfaction or customer.

image image image image

Forms take crochet carry different names as: the shape of knife, (as takes a knife), spoon, pen.  None of these which cover I use! And that is why I am doing it wrong? NO, what I do different!

3: can mix materials and thus to produce works of art!

While t-shirts, hats, scarves, shawls and blankets are precious and we love to make them, there are many other things we can do to mix 2 or more materials details woven crochet or sticks!

Upcycled cherry blossom

This for example is made from cuts of ornamental PEAR, some hot silicone and cherry blossoms made to crochet! A perfect mix – for more info go to my previous post.

image image image

4: Knitting is really COOL! 

Although Yes we grew up watching only grannies on mothers central weaving or your grandmother in the light of the lamp and light if you stayed at home weaving rather than go dancing, you earned the title of "Grandma" and your tissues but weave really is very COOL! To prove it I show you how many famous carry with them their tissue and proudly!

image image image image

There are many more but should be equivalent and give space to the other "points" also!

5: men also weave!

It all started in fact! Weaving was an activity for men and women were not allowed to do so! It seems unbelievable but it is true, in many cultures, men have woven always and thanks to groups of males weaving that we have seen flowering in Chile through Facebook.

image image image image image

Even the famous wrestler David Arquette has made weaving a cool activity!

6: addition v/s relaxation 

I want to finish with this dilemma, so weaving is extremely relajador and an art that brings us to meditation easily, even the sound "click – clack" of needles or sticks produce a feeling of relaxation!

Incredibly it is knitting to crochet or chopsticks is very addictive! From the fact buy more wool from which we can use in our whole life! As well as the fact go to Pinterest and save hundreds of ideas or patterns that I also believe that we can do even if you could live without sleep.  Another addition is to buy all kinds of crochets and sticks either to see if we like the material or because they are "so cute"!

Weaving is a passion and is glued to each of us.

Finally remove this weight to tell the 6 things that had not told about the fabric crochet or sticks!

Insurance are more than six, but for the moment I feel comfortable and I can return to my tissue and give one or two more laps!

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