Dear diary… weaving empty.

Dear Diary:

Sometimes I find somewhat empty, there are days like today when the weather is perfect; the Sun has shone and warming my skin in an unforgettable way.  This same Sun has me filled with peace, the quiet of autumn.

But neither the Sun nor the company of my beloved can fill out myself since my child is spending a few days with his paternal grandparents. My child is part of my as to other friends are their children, pets potatoes, brothers… And don't we may feel happy in fullness when something we need, for the reason that is!

Thanks to God who has blessed me with a special and family better still with my beloved craft company! Today in my skirt grow point to point some cute socks to Josefa and that fills me with joy to point to send my heart between reverse and rights to my family, I believe that many of my friends do the same, weave leaving sorrows, frustrations and complications of everyday life.

dear diary weaving empty

Dear diary, today was a beautiful day where my heart beats very strong thanks to the love that surrounds me.


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