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I have decided to write this post in English for  a couple of reasons one of them being that it came naturally to me : the words, the scenario… On the other hand I want to keep this post as a sort of secret.  You’ll know why so soon enough.
A month or so ago probably a bit more one of my dearest colleagues from Chile was letting us know that because of her treatment against bloody Cancer she was losing her hair; that made me feel some kind of need to help her to go through all that suffering , I wanted to hug her and tell her that I am beside her side…HOW?
I thought  that as a crafty knitter/crocheter I could crochet or knit some very nice beanie for her now that she is losing her gorgeous hair.
I loved this pattern from Patons simple and so feminine plus so very easy to follow!
First I crocheted this one that I wanted it to be for her but after talking to fellow knitters and crocheters from “Profugas del Blogger” from a Facebook group.  They were very helpful and after all we got to the conclusion that I should do this beanie using cotton as it is soft and also cooler for people who suffer from Cancer as they tend to feel hotter than they would normally.
This is me! 
I ended up selling this one to the gorgeous teacher I work with “Bianca” although I had  to modified it a little by making it smaller…yeah I think I got a big head lol !
She was very kind and let me take some photographs of her wearing at school… Thanks Bianca! {She looks really cute wearing this piece}

And I bought some cotton.  It was quite hard to find some! Believe me! and again I picked green I am pretty sure I just love love LOVE green so much!
It feels fantastic and it has some weight on it.
For buttons I decided metal ones..LOVED IT!
I have just sent this over to Chile ; mail to Chile it has been taking 4 weeks approximately so I need to be very very patient… I bet I will “forget” about it and then I will get the news that she has received it… Can’t wait!
After crocheting the needed one I got carried away OHH!! No I forgot ! when Bianca was wearing hers anotehr colleague put her eyes on it and asked me to crochet one for her , too! She requested the “last year” green {from the mittens ..remember them?} 
and well i do not have a pic of that one ..I can’tr believe it! she will model it for me though . I owe you the pic!
Anyway, I got carried away and made many more!!

 This is one is now also part of a set! LOVE IT !

 I am always thinking which will be my next big sellout and I saw this hooded/cowl  pattern online and went ahead and bought it , and I couldn’t wait to knit it! 
It took me a bit of effort I have to admit I hope it was worth it.
The model (not the owner I have to say) is “Poppy”.  Lovely Poppy is the daughter of the owner of the green beanie (above)
She was so very kind and let me have the pictures of her daughter for online promoting purposes.

 She did a great job! I am very proud of this Fox hooded/cowl.
Poppy looks fantastic with it , don’t you think?

Love the background ,too!just as I thought it would look! 
Ohh yeah Tricia (her mum) was the photographer for these pictures and I am very happy with the result. Thanks Trish!
keeping busy , keeping happy
and thankful to God at all times!
See you soon dear crafters and friends have a great week!


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