Headband “Autumn twigs”-“Autumn branches”

Autumn branches tell so many stories!

Autumn branches were the bases and the thread of nutrition of beautiful flowers and leaves that fell with the passing of the days, then came the autumn

The branches of autumn carry the punishment of the climate and the gift of the same, storms, winds and huge heat. they grew up in spring and dressed Gala with flowers and leaves of the casual tone.

Autumn branches are sad and naked

Autumn branches, are simply the appearance of a tree that provides shelter to insects, birds and warmth to my heart

Thanks branches of autumn to be resilient, to be flexible and adapt to change.

Thank you autumn branches


Dress up your autumn branches accompanied with flowers and colors, autumn branches are ready to decorate your person.

This pattern to believe it in order to teach it in my crochet classes and I thought would be a good idea that you also learn how to make this cute headband which is very good to wear when it's cold, since you well cover the ears or leave them out depending on your taste.

The buttons that you use to decorate are some beautiful hearts painted and printed, if you would like to purchase them are available in my Etsy Shop here.  These buttons are great to decorate various parts such as pads, boxes and vests.

buttons 001

In my shop I have these available per dozen and you can buy these and those who say "handmade with love" so if you want 1 dozen each, you only pay a shipping and I need to know the amount of dozens that you like each!

Here is the link for the other buttons that are very cute also:

buttons 007

The buttons are so cute I love and not be you but whenever I see buttons I tempt and I have y! how fun is that if I want to do a certain project that none of the buttons that I have liked me and "have" to buy even more! ja ja ja!

crochet and jamiella 004


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