Basic crochet part 1

Since I first began knitting to crochet, me di account with my few years that this art is a constant mixture of a few stitches.

Le podemso fill basics and with them we will basically cover all the points.  The different stitches to use on many projects, all are based on the mixture of the basic points.

The art of crochet has many advantages, one of them is the speed with which the projects, can carry out the crochet stitches can be made very quickly. One of the ways to achieve this is practicing points again and again.

First that all will learn to make a noose.  This is the first step in the woven crochet.  We take the strand of material (wool, yarn, acrylic), perform a loop, from which we take the strand that is under the other with crochet, to withdraw it subjected the rest and tighten the knot.


Following basic crochet stitch is a stitch, use the chain as the basis for most of the projects.  Considering the sliding point crochet wool on the pass and proceed to pass through the point in crochet.


With the stitch that followed we can make innumerable amount of Basic projects to crochet, low point or half point. It is the second most short point of all followed by the dwarf point.  By inserting crochet or crochet in (one of the turns of the chain or) the two turns of the point of the previous turn proceed to rollover crochet wool and have a low point, taking two turns on the crochet, put under the wool crochet and the spent under the two turns in crochet leaving with one.

When one begins a round of lows we do a chain stitch extra, getting to the point size low, this does not count as a point or part of the chain, is only to "bend"


The point that follows him in height, but not in popularity is WFP, medium-high point, equals two low spots one above the other in height.

By two chains that replace the first item on the return, we proceed to work sobr the next item.  Taking a turn in crochet, we pass the hook under the material, and so we have 2 turns on, insert under the point at the base and we get a new spin of material and we had under the point, we have 3 turns in crochet; with a new twist of material get the have at crochet staying alone with one.


Next I'll show you other basic stitches of crochet and with them a very simple and free pattern to make in a short time and also practice all stitches we've seen today and which we will see in the next entry.

I leave you with a photo that I love! Today I went to visit my husband as I do each day or 4 times per week.  Time ago I wanted to do this, because on the way to the cemetery, there are many gorgeous white feather! This time take my Tin, very suitable for my small collection.

Today marks 100 days that the love of my life left this earth to go to heaven.  I miss him every day, and every day it hurts not to have it with me, I just think that is one less day to get to see it!

Fondly, Mariella




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