Bag to crochet “Candy box”

On my Facebook appeared a very nice job of "crafternoon treats" of a bag in retro style using square grannys.

In the group "Fugitive Blogger" we are working with our "stash" wool remains and it was for this reason that to see this work shared by one of my friends.

To make things even more entertaining a nurse who attends to my husband on dialysis I gift 5 balls of wool! very showy colors that I thought to give them a cute and well deserved destiny.

A long time ago that it strikes me much the color set "Candy heart" and wool were painted to make the set.

The diagram that use was the "Sunburst granny" using the following combination



Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4, gray, Color 1, gray, Color 2, gray, Color 3, grey; a total of 11 laps.  I was combining the colors in a way that each square had a different mix of the first 4 colors.  for the fifth square use a wool Rainbow for the first 4 laps, then combine the colors next to the grey.



The most fast and entertaining was to make the squares; Although I must admit 2 of them left without the fifth turn grey, so I had to undo and do it how is.

Next, assemble a lining with waterproof bottom.  so I measured the square after blocking it and cut a resistant plastic covering with genre (with 1 cm of more per side).  for the rest of the lining cut squares of size (size of square blocked + 1 cm more on hand: example 38 X 38 cm square blocked = 40 X 40 cm fabric) fabric will add a reinforcement to make it hardest.

tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 012


tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 014


I joined all the pictures using this technique is very easy, fast and it is very nice completion, then give 2 turns at point low (taking the wool down thus achieved a sort of X video here)

tutorial tavygarang and candy bag 029 granny


Approximately 38 on hand so you can do 19 points Scallop and so do 2 points between each stitch) what more important is matching!

tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 015


The next stage consists of take the spot of the lining and outside and make them one point low. Work 2 or 3 turns as well.

tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 016


Then change the color (green) and work a turn in low and very important 100 chains that make my handles (leaving 10 points on each side of the handle).  For the next round is included cord; a transparent tube is woven in between and for the handle.

tutorial tavygarang and candy bag 021 granny


tutorial tavygarang and candy bag 024 granny

To attach lace to the tube (which is used only in the part of the handle, covered the end of cord in masking tape and apply those strong glue, to finish by sewing with needle and thread and give it more firmly to the union.)  Candy box bag

Is usa chain to work the handle crochet through each point, is thus achieved a very polished work.

We work the next round as well: cover again the previous run with lace, so cover the white color of the. and we work in dwarf on the handle.  We finish off at the end of this round.

tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 039

Now on the inside of each handle do dwarf and point low on the shore (within the handle) that is still pink, we give a green back, thus finished crochet work.

I decided to make a stitch lining and crochet edges and corners.

tutorial tavygarang and candy granny bag 040

I love this bag because I can put as many materials! or projects! and it is very firm.

Thank you for reading and sharing this project!


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