A summer shawl

Last year done creating these Diadems part of a set that began with a CAP that calls it "K.G. "square Slouchy beanie" hat square and loose.  These tiaras are special are for madree small daughter.

This photo (sorry for the bad photo but is "Instagram" cell) here come the headband to medium work

KG headband


Here you can see how they were, then (I hope) they will be modelled and the diagram will be released then also!

I love to create patterns and this is my fifth! It is difficult, it is not easy, but is too rich when patterns are downloaded and purchased!

The truth is that not all of my patterns are in Spanish and that is that they are much better in English and the truth is that you for me it is much more easy to do them in English.  I take the time to move these into English, but I find it difficult.  I try to add diagrams to my patterns, but not all the time I can, for this I think it will be very important to understand the points (although I think explain them in enough detail)

When my employer this ready will I need friends crocheteras who are so kind to try and so give me the go-ahead, as requirements on my part is read in English pattern and having blog… If you're interested: P


Mum and toddler KG headband



MI amiga intima sea, who many know it as one of the managers of "Fugitive Blogger" gave me a little push to start another design, this time something else big and more ambitious… A shawl!

Ago while I was forging the idea in my mind, but it was as a reading of thoughts! So is that it motivates me twice!

It has not been easy (as said before) but the idea that it has wrought in my head already has begun to take shape.


So as you will, and I like the material that I have used is only for show, to try the fantasy points, I didn't want to use a very delicate thread because it would thus wasted to do and redo…

Fingers crossed ended it then, this I think will be mainly in the diagram in this way very easily used in several languages.

have a good day!

You can find my patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy and now also in LoveKnitting 😀

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